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Iridium Anode

Iridium tantalum coated titanium electrodes are: plate electrode, tube electrode, mesh electrode, rod electrode, filament electrode for customers to choose;

Iridium tantalum coated titanium anode is insoluble anode, platinum iridium coating and titanium substrate firmly , Compared with the ordinary coating electrode, it enhances the anti-crevice corrosion, better improve the durability of the titanium substrate and coating contact parts.

Iridium-Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes
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World production of iridium is small, only a few metric tons (tonnes) per year, and it is one of the least abundant and most expensive metals. It is produced as a by-product of nickel smelting and has few applications as a pure metal. In a pure form, it is used for electrodes in high-performance spark plugs and crucibles for the preparation of single crystals of certain electronic and optical glasses. As an alloying element, it increases the corrosion resistance of titanium and palladium, and the strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance of platinum. Despite its corrosion resistance, you are most likely to come across iridium indirectly. It is one of the mixed metals in mixed metal oxide-coated titanium anodes for impressed current cathodic protection. Those involved in nondestructive testing may come across iridium-192 as an isotope in radiography.

Titanium DSA electrodes are the state of art as anode for a wide range of electrochemical applications. The excellent stability of titanium against surface and pitting corrosion make it dimensionally stable permitted dramatic innovations in equipment design, operation conditions and energy consumptions of many electrolysis processes. The application of coating containing mixed metal oxides (MMO) such as RuO2,IrO2,TiO2 and Ta2O5 allows to reduce remarkably the overpotential for anodic chlorine and anodic oxygen evolution. Additionally the MMO coated anode's excellent stability consequently do not contaminate the electrolysis system, improving the products purity and maintenance costs.

Advantages of Iridium-Tantalum coated Titanium Anodes works In highly acidic environments:

- Electro galvanising

- Anodising of Aluminium

- Recovery of metals

- Electro synthesis and membrane   processes

- Precious metal plating

- Reverse pulse Copper plating

- Tinplating

Iridium coated titanium anode (oxygen-evolution anode)

Usually used in sulfuric acid environmental, corresponding to the products of our company for iridium tantalum titanium anode, iridium tantalum tin titanium anode, high iridium titanium anode.

Quality Guarantee:

(1) Main quality indicators: titanium substrate, precious metal ratio, accelerated life, coating binding force to the titanium substrate/coating adhesion

(2) With advanced technology & equipment, abundant experiences and skilled workers,during the production of Titanium Anode, each process must be strictly supervised and tested, including the surface treatment of titanium material, coating quality, coating evenness, coating binding force to the titanium substrate and so on.

(3) TNTI have own R&D, Production and Sales department, we always struggling to supply the product with the most excellent quality and the most favorable price and supply the most efficient service.

(4) Strict Pre-delivery inspection for each order, the original Mill Test Certificate available to attach to the delivery

TNTI mainly engaged in metal materials like titanium, tantalum, niobium and zirconium as well as various composite anode and cathode materials applicable to the field of electrochemistry, which have been successfully used in many fields, such as production of chlor-alkali, chlorate and perchlorate, electroextraction of non-ferrous metals, electro-deposition, electroplating, electrophoresis, electro-dialysis, electro-synthesis, ionized-water synthesizer, cathodic protection, formation of aluminum and copper foils and after-treatment.

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