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Below are some of the common questions asked by our customers. If some of your questions are not answered below, please contact us directly for immediate assistance.
  • What is Titanium HDH Powder?
    • Titanium powder can be made by a process known as Hydride-Dehydride. Because Titanium has an affinity for hydrogen, it can be heated in a vacuum chamber and made brittle by backfilling the chamber with hydrogen to form titanium hydride (TiH2). The TiH2 is then crushed to fine powder and returned to the vacuum chamber which removes the hydrogen. Then the finished product is high-purity titanium powder.
  • What are titanium*s heat transfer characteristics?
    • Titanium is frequently used in heat exchangers for fluid heating and cooling especially in corrosive environments.
  • Why Titanium?
    • Titanium has a unique combination of mechanical, corrosion resistant, cryogenic and elevated temperature properties. As an engineering material, titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other metal. For applications which can benefit from lower reciprocating mass with suitable strength, titanium will outperform other materials. Titanium has exceptional erosion resistance, high fatigue strength, good fracture toughness, and a low coefficient of expansion. Titanium is essentially non-magnetic and is non-toxic and biocompatible.
  • How does TNTI weld titanium?
    • Being extraordinary in advanced technology and experience, welding titanium is not difficult for us. It requires adherence to rules of cleanliness and exclusion of reactive gases including air. Argon gas shielding is most commonly used .
  • Why is titanium used as a material of construction?
    • 每 Excellent Corrosion Resistance in oxidizing atmospheres 每 Superior Strength-To-Weight Ratios 每 Superior Erosion Resistance 每 High Heat Transfer Efficiency 每 Biocompatible 每 Resistant to many types of microbiological influenced corrosion
  • What is Precision Metal Fabrication?
    • Precision metal fabrication is a broad topic that covers many different areas. It is essentially the strict manipulation of metals based on exact specifications and tolerances. Precision metal fabrication involves, but is not limited, metal spinning, CNC machining, welding, rolling, punching, etc.
  • What is CNC Machining?
    • CNC machining is a precise metal fabrication process. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This process uses computers for exact control of the position and velocity of cutting elements that are used to "machine" (i.e. make holes) in the work piece.
  • What is vacuum arc remelted (VAR) ?
    • For applications requiring a high-quality material with low contents of impurities, thus extremely low contents of non-metallic inclusions, metal melted in the normal way can be remelted in a high-vacuum (HV) furnace. This production method is called VAR (vacuum arc remelting) and 'HV' is added to the material grade designation. Titanium and zirconium and their alloys, are used in a large number of high-integrity applications, where cleanliness, homogeneity and improved fatigue properties in the final product are essential.
  • What is the purpose of forging?
    • To improve the organization and the overall performance of the product so as to meet certain technical requirements and get the desired shape and size.
  • Why is Titanium used so widely?
    • Compared to other metals, Titanium has numerous unique chemical and physical properties, which have made it an irreplaceable material for many applications. Superior strength-to-weight ratios: The unalloyed Titanium has a strength comparable to those of some steels but is much lighter. In addition, Titanium has excellent resistance to corrosion, crack and fatigue. Thanks to these characteristics, the metal has become an indispensable material in aerospace (jet engines, missiles, and spacecrafts), military, sporting goods, automotive and other applications. Superior corrosion resistance: This property has made Titanium widely used in marine, industrial processes (desalination plants, chemicals and petro-chemicals) and other applications. Biocompatibility: Titanium has good biocompatible ability and is widely applied in medical and food industries (orthopedic implants, medical prostheses, dental and endodontic instruments and dental implants, etc.).
  • How is pricing structured?
    • All pricing is net except where quantity discounts are shown. All written quotation pricing is held stably for a two-week period from the original date of the quotation unless specified. Pricing beyond the 14-day period is subject to changes due to fluctuations in raw material costs, transportation costs and currency exchange rates. Should quantities change from the original quotation, a re-quote will be necessary.
  • How to understand machine tolerances?
    • Close tolerance that features finer than +/-0.1mm will often require finished machining to achieve a net shape component that meets design intent. It*s important for TNTI to have a blueprint within close tolerance that accurately describes finished component prior to our quotation. available.
  • Can I get quantity discounts ?
    • We will offer quantity discounts on certain items that we stock, when ordered on the same order, shipped to the same location and for the same item. Please check with our sales department for verification. We will review all inquiries regarding discounts on large quantity purchases, and will work diligently in achieving the most competitive pricing available.
  • Will my material to be packaged be 100% protected during shipment?
    • We have been doing this for a long time and extensive experiences have equipped us with methods of packaging, ensuring that your material will arrive safely.
  • What services does TNTI offer?
    • TNTI offers a full-line metal fabrication services including metal spinning, CNC machining, welding, rolling, punching, designing, prototyping and experimental, etc.
  • Does TNTI certify its products?
    • Yes. At the request of the customers, TNTI will submit a Certificate of Analysis certifying that the products meet customers* specifications.
  • What advantages does TNTI have in comparison with other providers?
    • TNTI understands the importance of product quality and customer satisfaction, we always exert our most efforts to provide customers with high-quality products at the lowest prices. In addition, we can also accustom the manufacture of Titanium products according to customers* drawings and required specifications.
  • following terms and conditions only shall apply to our deliveries
    • Notwithstanding that the Seller may have given a detailed quotation or estimate either verbally or in writing no order shall be binding on the Seller unless and until it has been acknowledged in writing by the Seller or the Goods are delivered or the Services are provided by the Seller to the Buyer pursuant to the order.
  • What advantages does TNTI have in comparison with other providers?
    • TNTI understand the importance of products quality and customer satisfaction, we always try our best to supply customers high quality products with the lowest prices. In addition, we can also custom manufacture Titanium products according to customers* drawings and specifications.
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