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Hafnium Sheet-Plate

Standard ASTM B776
Thickness 0.1mm - 5.0 mm
Width 10mm - 2000mm
Purity Hf+Zr > 99.98%, Zr < 1%
Surface Pickling, Polishe
Specifications Aerospace, Medical, Industrial
Hafnium Sheet, Hafnium Plate, Hafnium Sheets, Hafnium Plates
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TNTI Inc is a global supplier of Hafnium (Hf) Sheets / Plate / Board and we can provide customized Hafnium products. Hafnium (Hf) Sheets / Plate / Board is a silvery metallic sheet and manufactured from High Purity Hafnium (Hf).
As a hafnium supplier, we can provide you with hafnium sheets cut to your specific thickness requirements. Our hafnium sheets supply includes thicknesses that run from 0.1mm all the way up to 5.0mm.
There are times when our clients need finished parts with custom-made hafnium designs based on their unique specs. The finished parts at TNTI are custom-made to order with quick lead times.
Test Certificate:
Manufacturer Test Certificate
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt
Under Third Party Inspection
All of the hafnium bars, wire, bars, rods, sheets, foil and wire for sale through TNTI are of the highest quality and will arrive at your destination quickly when you order. We also offer some of the best pricing in the industry and know you will be satisfied with your purchase.
Packing: Wooden case, plywood case, or according to clients demand.
Product Detection:
Visual inspection to check surface quality, ensuring it without any flaw, black dot and any other defects.
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, making sure there are no defects inside.
Chemical Composition Detection, making sure all chemical component can satisfy customers demands
Mechanical Features testing, making sure products have satisfying mechanical features before delivery.

Hafnium is a metal element of atomic number 72 and atomic weight 178.49, symbol Hf. There are relatively few technical uses for hafnium and, due to its ability as a nuclear "getter" or absorber of neutrons, much of the hafnium that is produced is used in control rods for nuclear reactors. Hafnium is also used in iron, titanium, niobium, tantalum, and other alloys. Hafnium is replacing polysilicon as the principle gate or electrode material in metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs), which are the basis for all modern semiconductors.

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