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Manufacturing Processes of Zirconium Tube and Rod

Zirconium, as a rare metal, with characteristics like amazing corrosion resistance, very high melting point, extremely high hardness and strength , is widely used in the aerospace, military industry, nuclear reactions and atomic energy field.

During many years of production and research , TNTI found the features of the process of producing zirconium tube&rod are:
(1)With a strong affinity for gas, zirconium begins to react with oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, respectively at about 200, 300 and 400 ¡æ, the reaction occurs quickly at comparatively high temperature, thus casting, heat treatment should be carried out in a vacuum furnace. When hot working is taken in the atmosphere, appropriate protective measures should be taken, and the operating time at high temperatures should also shorten.
(2)The coefficient of friction of zirconium with molds is comparatively high, making it easy to adhere to the surface of molds. For the significant thermal effect of plastic deformation, the processing requires good lubrication conditions.
(3) Processing standards exert a close impact on products¡¯ performance. Particular attention should be paid to control the skills of cold working and heating process to meet the requirements.
(4) The requirement for dimensional accuracy and surface quality of tubes&rods is demanding. So, technological equipment should be highly precise, mold design and its production should be advanced and reasonable.

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