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Milling Services

Our products and services are customized and crafted according to our clients¡¯ needs, TNTI¡¯s milling services are based upon specific requirements of customers, providing clients with service whose standard sets us apart from others in the industry. Our diverse skills enable us to undertake projects and components all the way from prototype through to full production.

Milling has several advantages over other manufacturing processes. It is cost-effective for short runs. Complex shapes and high-dimensional tolerances are possible. Smooth finishes can also be achieved. CNC milling can produce almost any 2D or 3D shape provided that the rotating cutting tools can reach the material to be removed. Examples of parts include engine components, mold tooling, complex mechanisms, enclosures, etc. The CNC milling machines that we rely on are meticulously geared up with the best components to deliver the perfect output. Our workforce are fully informed of the high-speed CNC machining of non-ferrous metal.

Milling Services
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