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Molybdenum sheet-plate

Materials R03600, R03620,R03630, R03650,etc
Standard ASTM B386
Thickness 0.1-100mm
Width 20-1500mm
Technology Hot-Rolled, Cold-Rolled, Machining
Condition Vacuum Anneal
Surface Mill, Polished, Bright, Sand blast,etc
Molybdenum sheet-plate
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TNTI is a professional supplier of molybdenum sheet, molybdenum discs and sintered molybdenum plate. Due to the melting point of molybdenum has reached 2560℃, Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) is widely used in reflection shield, cover plate, sapphire growth furnace, reflection shield, heating tape, connecting pieces, vacuum furnace, sputtering target, plasma coating film, and high temperature resistance boat.

Our Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) possess a stable inner structure with high density, high temperature resistance and identical mechanic performance. Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) is free from scratches, rolling marks, wrinkles, dimples, incisions, discoloration or blemishes of any kind, has reached the standard of ASTM B 386.


Molybdenum electrodes

High temperature parts

Sputtering targets

Radial heat shield of the vacuum furnace

Sapphire grower parts

Petroleum refining industry

Astronautics and aeronautics

Nuclear energy and guided missiles

Heating sintered pan and soleplate

Heat treatment:

Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) is rolled and annealed to provide the optimum condition for the desired end use.

Production engineering:

powder——grading——forming—— sintering——hot rolling——leveling and annealing——pickling/caustic washing——warm rolling——leveling and annealing——cold rolling——cutting——vacuum annealing——machining——wire cutting——flat grinding——testing——packing


Visual inspection to check surface quality

Mechanical Features testing

Chemical Composition Detection

Surface Condition:

Surface can be supplied in a shiny, matte, satin, or as-rolled condition. Dependent upon thickness and width parameters.

Package: Wooden case or according to your requirements.

Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements.

With high efficiency, TNTI can manufacture even very large quantities of Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) without difficulty. Whether for punching, cutting, deep drawing or pressing, you can machine our Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) without difficulty to meet your specific requirements, we can guarantee that you will receive every Molybdenum Sheet (Molybdenum Plate) we supply with the highest quality.

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