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Saw Cutting

Function: Cut-To-Length Rods, Bars, Tubes, Pipes and Shapes-All Alloys.

Saw cutting is an essential processing element found in all service centers throughout the world. Our customers want bars, billets, plates, blocks, long products, round and rectangular, to be cut to specific dimensions. We have both cut-off saws and plate saws to handle the heavy demand for this value-added service.

Titanium is one of the hardest materials to machine, but we understand the properties of this metal well enough to work at higher speeds by right tools while still making accurate cuts that leave clean edge finishes. Our band saws can handle any round, rectangular or square product that we stock.

TNTI offer designed, fabricated, and machined products so you can get the products you need quickly and easily. Our saw cutting services help make us a complete source for titanium, and we keep our inventory constantly updated so we can quickly produce the products you need.

We have no minimum order requirements, so whether you need a single part or thousands of fabricated components, you can be satisfied here.

Saw Cutting
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