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Tantalum crucible

Grades RO5200, RO5400, RO5252, RO5255
Standard ASTM B708
Supply State Processing or Sintering state
Size Any dimensions you required
Using temperature About 1800°C
Highest temperature 2400°C
Tolerance ± 00.5mm
Smooth degree Ra≤3.2
Tantalum crucible
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We can drill and deep-draw various dimensions of tantalum crucible according to your required size. Our tantalum crucible provide you with a good taper, outer diameter, height, wall thickness, edge radius on the bottom etc.

Special specification can be designed according to customers’ requirements.

Trade name:

Tantalum beakers, Tantalum beaker flask, Tantalum crucible, Tantalum container, Tantalum heating elements, Tantalum furnaces, Tantalum pots, Tantalum lids, Tantalum evaporation boat, Tantalum boats, Tantalum cup, etc.

Remarks: Other materials and drawings are available.


Tantalum crucible is used as container for rare-earth metallurgy, load plates for anodes of tantalum and niobium electrolytic capacitors sintered at high temperatures, corrosion resistant containers in chemical industries and evaporation crucibles and liners.

Quality Inspection:

Dimensional inspection

Visual inspection and surface appearance

Chemical analysis

Liquid penetrant testing

Eddy Current Testing

Ultrasonic Testing


Competitive price

Timely delivery as your requirements

Professional service to cut much purchasing costs down

Comparative high quality on the base of the same price

TNTI is a trusted supplier of Tantalum Crucible and offers a wide variety of tantalum products. Our Tantalum Crucible is characterized by reliable quality, strong anti-oxidation and anticorrosion, high temperature resistance, quick heat conduction, high efficiency. We are committed to providing better prices and fast shipping times on all our orders, and we have no minimum order requirement on these tantalum crucibles. Please contact us and we will be happy to quote you a custom size.

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