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Titanium valve

TNTI offers the finest titanium valve on the market.

Titanium valve and titanium alloy valve is mainly using titanium material’s good stability and passivation ability in strong corrosive environment and its oxidation diaphragm to resist many rigorous strong working conditions. Whether the titanium valve can resist the corrosion of working environmental medium , the key lies in the chemical stability of its surface’s blunt oxidation diaphragm in corrosive medium.

TNTI adopts and modifies titanium surface ion, anode handle and other scientific methods to ensure the titanium valve anti-corrosion in reducibility medium and surface hardness quality assurance.

Titanium valve
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Our staff oversees the production of each Titanium Valve to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. This means you get the best selection of titanium plate at the best price.

Titanium Valves Type:

Titanium Butterfly Valve

Titanium Dump Valve

Titanium Globe Valve

Titanium Ball Valve

Titanium Plug Valve

Titanium Gate Valve

Titanium Check Valve

Remarks: Other materials and drawings are available.

Characteristics and Applications:

Titanium valve in the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, high temperature steam, almost undergo no corrosion;

Titanium valve in alkaline media are very anti-corrosion;

Titanium valve’ resistance to chloride ion (CI) ability is very strong and it has good resistance to chloride ion corrosion;

Titanium in organic acids in acid corrosion resistance as the reduction or oxidation of the size of;

Titanium valve in reducing acid in the corrosion resistance, depending on whether the inhibitor may be medium or not;

Titanium valve in aqua regia, sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine water, with chlorine gas and other media which have a good corrosion resistance;

Titanium valve, for their light weight, high mechanical strength, are widely used in aviation and military fields.

Titanium valve then undergo an extensive heat treatment and stress-relieving process to ensure molecular integrity and prolong the valve’s life. Each TNTI titanium valve is meticulously machined in our own precision CNC machining centers where it must pass extensive quality control procedures.

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